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About Car Title Loans in Heath, TX

Secured loans like title loans in Garland, Texas services require you to use property as collateral. In effect, you are securing and guaranteeing to repay the loan by letting us effectively have your car if you don't repay.

For this reason, it's essential that you get flexible, clear repayment plans that fit into our budget. It's IMPORTANT to repay title loans in Heath. Make sure you understand them clearly.

When you apply, you're giving us basic information about your car - make, model, year, and mileage - that lets us determine how much we can lend to you. You'll also give us your phone number and name so that we can contact you with the terms of your title loans in Heath.

Regulations Of Title Loans In Heath, TX

Your application is quick and easy. You don't need:

  • Good credit
  • A vehicle inspection
  • To give us your car physically

If you have bad credit, you may still qualify for the loan.

Also, you'll keep driving your car while you repay and enjoy the freedom to spend your loaned money however you wish on whatever you wish. Texas is strict about title loan interest and number of renewals because they want to ensure that there is fairness involved in these loans.

Because the stakes are so high - ownership of your car - the state of Texas has a legal maximum interest rate that can be charged on these loans AND a maximum number of 5 renewals.

We stick to these rules and whenever possible try to give you even BETTER interest rates than what Texas says is allowable. We want to offer competitive rates, and in most cases we can.

What You'll Need To Get A Loan

You don't need to get a credit check like you do with traditional bank loans, payday loans, and flex loans.

And you won't need a minimum income, although you do need some type of income that will show us you can repay. The consequences of not repaying are very serious, so please be sure that you CAN repay and have some type of income coming in that will allow you to stick to the payment plan.

Repaying the Loan

While we are always flexible with our repayment plans, there is nothing we can do if you simply don't have the money to repay. As long as you:

  • Have a physical copy of your car title
  • Have a clear title (No lien- or outstanding loans out - on your car title)
  • Are 18 or older
  • Have a driver's license

We can approve you for this type of loan! It's as simple as giving us a little bit of information, getting the necessary documentation to us, and then having your money in your hand the very next day.

Get Your Heath, TX Auto Title Loan From Us Today!

We invite you to apply today. It's easy, fast, and most importantly it's free. It costs NOTHING to fill out our application. Simply give us that little bit of information, have a copy of your car title ready for us, and get ready to get money into your bank account as quickly as possible. In the majority of cases, you're approved the very same day for title loans in Heath and then after that you are invited to accept the terms of the loan and get money into your account the next day.

It's Simple to Apply and Qualify

That's as easy as it gets. We have made everything very simple for you because we realize that if you need a vehicle title loan, you're struggling financially. We hope to ease your burden with a quick title loan in Heath, TX.

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